When we think of our mouths, many things come to mind, such as our smile and our image. But we don’t necessarily think about the hidden problems that can often be first seen in our mouths! Surprisingly to some, periodontal disease (disease of the bone supporting your teeth) has been linked to a few significant and serious illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, lung disease (in the elderly) and preterm low birth weight babies.

At The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Center in Alexandria, we can help you prevent and manage the oral symptoms of many diseases.


If your diabetes is not under control, meaning that your sugar levels are not stable, you are at an increased risk of developing periodontal disease. Also, if you have periodontal disease and are diabetic, controlling your blood sugar can be more difficult. A good oral hygiene program, including regular dental hygiene cleanings, is imperative to helping you minimize the complications you are at risk for with diabetes.

Heart Disease

Some studies are suggesting that having periodontal disease is another risk factor for heart disease. It has to do with the bacteria that enter the bloodstream when you have active gum disease. Keeping bacteria levels low is key to avoiding this preventable risk factor.

Lung Disease

Research is showing us that inhaling the bacteria present in the mouth can cause or make worse respiratory infections in older people. Reducing mouth bacteria is important in reducing the risk of these serious complications.

Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis is swollen gums which bleed easily because of plaque that is left on and between the teeth. This is completely reversible. Periodontal disease affects the bone around the teeth; over time the bacteria causes your body to gradually remove more and more bone around the teeth. This is due to bacteria being left around the teeth. This can lead to loose teeth, or infection. Eventually if nothing is done, you could lose teeth. Good news is many treatment options are available to help control and prevent periodontal disease.

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