Take advantage of our fully computerized office in Alexandria! At The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Center, you'll be treated with the most up-to-date equipment available. You will be able to see your mouth through the lens of an intra-oral camera, or experience a high-pressure cleaning to remove those stains away with our baking soda polisher.

Full Spectrum of Oral Hygiene Aids

For your convenience, we stock all the oral hygiene aids that we recommend: no need to search high and low for the tools that you need to keep your mouth healthy. A full range of dental hygiene tools and specialty products is available for purchase on site. The biggest pet peeve clients have shared over the years is the frustration of trying to find the gadgets we recommend. Whether you need interdental tools, fluoride rinses, or new heads for your electric toothbrush, you can restock when you come for your regular visit, at a price that will keep you smiling.

For our mobile clients, we can deliver your order when we come for your regular cleaning visit.

Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Services

With 15 years of experience in advanced oral health care settings, we will help you achieve a healthy smile, in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. During your dental hygiene visit, you can expect our professional staff to:

Operating room
  • Perform a thorough head and neck assessment, including an oral cancer screening.
  • Assess the health of your mouth and let you know what can be done to help your mouth be healthier
  • Advocate on your behalf: give you an unbiased opinion of options for treatment in your mouth
  • Work with you to make a plan to increase your level of health based on your informed choices
  • Provide the course of treatment you choose
  • Refer you to professionals who you choose to consult with if necessary: doctor, dentist, naturopath, herbalist, denturologist etc.
  • Evaluate how well our treatment has helped and adapt our care to increase the effectiveness of future treatment

At The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Center, we offer bilingual customer service and a full range of dental hygiene services, including:

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